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The Northern White-crowned Shrike or White-rumped Shrike, Eurocephalus rueppelli, is a shrike found in dry thornbush, semi-desert, and open acacia woodland in east Africa from southeastern Sudan and southern Ethiopia to Tanzania. Its binomial name commemorates the German naturalist and explorer Eduard Rüppell.


The Northern White-crowned Shrike is a 19–23 cm long passerine. The adult has a white crown and rump, black eyestripe, brown back and wings and black tail. The throat, breast and belly are white, and the flanks are brown. The sexes are similar, but the juvenile has a brown crown, white head sides, and grey breast. The flight is parrot-like.

Several subspecies have been described, but there is extensive individual variation in plumage. Although birds in the north of the range are larger than in the south, the difference is clinal and the Northern White-crowned Shrike may be monotypic.

The calls are high-pitched squawks, squeaks and chatters, including kek-kek and chee-chee.